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Mebel Impex Story

Established in 2006, Mebel Impex is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Russia with more than 1000 stores exhibiting our product. Our main product range includes classical rocking chairs, basic armchairs and state-of-the-art glider armchairs. The glider armchairs swing mechanism provides a steady rocking movement and comfortable body positioning which makes it an ideal solution for rocking babies to sleep. The BALANCE series glider armchairs and ottomans, also equipped with a swing mechanism, will perfectly fit into a modern nursery or a living room. 

Mebel Impex Today

Today Mebel Impex is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Russia. We offer our clients a diverse product range including rocking chairs, gliders, armchairs, small furniture (serving tables, bookcases etc), rattan furniture and much more. We strive to find the best solution for every client.

Gliders Innovation


The glider series is a revolutionary product on the market. With functionality similar to a classical rocking chair, its swing mechanism provides the rocking movement with the legs firmly on the floor. When you look at the rocking glider armchair, you will see that the frame stands still while the seat rocks. You will experience the same comfortable rocking as with a classing rocking chair without fear of overturning.

Participation in Exhibitions


























































Every year we take part in international furniture exhibitions in Russia (Moscow, Sochi etc), the CIS countries (Belorus, Kazahstan etc), Europe (Germany, Poland) and Asia (India, OAE).